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Canterbury Outboard Boating Club

We have been staying at the Otematata Camp Lodge for many years now over the Easter period with our Outboard Boating Club.
 We choose the Lodge for our accommodation for our stay and find it is ideal for the 60 people we generally have staying with us over the Easter break.
The Lodge is ideal for our club, although not 5 star, it is very comfortable and makes for a very affordable long weekend for our club members and their families. All our members children love the weekend away at the Lodge and it is always looked forward to throughout the year and talked about for many months after the event. We find it safe for the children and with both a lounge and a dining area, both adults and kids can have their own space.
The lodge kitchen has all the amenities required and well suited to our club and school groups etc with its large chiller, stainless food preparation areas and multiple ovens for us to use.
In the early days with the previous owners we found the lodge was decaying year on year but with the introduction of our new hosts Brent and Kirsty we have now found the direct opposite and every year we come back we are all surprised by how good the Lodge is looking and that it is being improved all the time.
The bedrooms are now mostly fitted out with new carpet, redecorated and new beds and linen which makes our stay that much more enjoyable. Brent and Kirsty have been the life saver for the camp and also for Otematata as a whole, breathing new life into the town and community.
We find the location of the camp to be perfect for our boat club Easter trip each year with Lake Benmore just a few minutes from the camp and good quality boat launching ramps at both Benmore dam and Sailors Cutting.
Our club has searched for other destinations to run our weekend but nothing compares to everything that the Otematata camp has to offer and we never have any problems getting 20 to 25 families book in for the weekend.
Brent and Kirsty went the extra mile for us on our last trip down and organised catering for the families and a disco for the children which was well received by all those attending.   
On behalf of the Canterbury Outboard Boating Club, I would just like to say Thank You to Brent and Kirsty for hosting us each year and we will continue to use the Lodge each year in the future. 


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