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Dog Policy

We are a dog friendly holiday park and that makes us one of the few left.  Having a dog here is a privilege not a right.​ We do allow dogs on camping sites once our policy is met.  Unfortunately our buildings and onsite accommodation are dog free.

We ourselves are dog owners and love our four legged family members, but our primary focus is to ensure that ALL campers are happy.  This means that we will only permit well socialised dogs who are quiet and well mannered onto the grounds. We follow recommendations by our governing body HAPANZ and have strict rules about what dogs and how many we allow in the park.  All dogs are to be kept on a 3 metre or less lead at all times, are to be cleaned up behind immeadiately, are not to enter any of the camp buildings or be tied up outside them and must be quiet.

Please ensure our rules are followed at all times as we don't want the embarrasment of having to ask you to remove your dog from the grounds. 

You must let us know you have a dog at your time of booking and have signed one of our Dog Policies before coming on site.  Dogss must be up to date with vaccinations and be registered.  We will require proof of both of these as this is a health and safety requirement.  You can download a copy of our full policy here>>

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