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St Joseph's School, Timaru

To whom it may concern


I would like to express the St. Josephs school community’s appreciation at the way the Otematata Motor camp has catered for our school during school camps.

2014 was the second year we have run our senior outdoor education experience at Otematata. We can commend Kirsty and Brent on the way they opened their facility to us while giving us all the support we required to organise and run a great camp. The camp provides a large area with accommodation and facilities that are appropriate for the age group. The property provides a secure environment with opportunities to use large open areas nearby for exercise and recreation. The large kitchen and cold storage areas make keeping and preparing food a manageable task.

We are aware that the camp is being refurbished. Each year we are amazed at the changes that are taking place but it is great to know that Kirsty and Brent are still very relaxed about having many student visitors using the camp as if it were their own.

The area abounds in opportunities for developing self-confidence and environmental appreciation for this age group. This year the students water skied, tramped, swam, fished and biked their way around the district in safety. There are a number of groups and individuals who are able to come into the camp and engage the students on local projects and they show a willingness to be involved with schools from outside the area.

I especially enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the “nothing is a bother”, attitude that we encounter when we are in residence. After having organised camps like this for 25 years I can recommend the Otematata Motor camp for school groups without reservation.


Jonathan Young


Senior Teacher

St Joseph’s Timaru


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