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Beautiful Walking Tracks

There are many pleasant walks in the area. The tracks are easy walking, and with the exception of the Benmore Peninsula and Deep Stream tracks, are easily accessed from Otematata village. Most will take around an hour to walk, more if you linger to enjoy the views or watch the bird life.
Wear comfortable walking shoes and take your camera! Be prepared for all weather conditions. This area can experience extreme weather conditions. Walk with a friend, and always tell others where you intend to go.  Below are some options.

·       Wildlife Reserve
This reserve is a short walk from the village and has numerous tracks criss-crossing it. Autumn colours are spectacular here as many trees in the reserve are deciduous. Several species of birds can be seen, especially around the ponds and along the lake edge. Tracks lead from the reserve, past the golf course, to the Boat Harbour. In winter care may be needed as these tracks can become muddy.  Have a look at the map here>>

·       Boat Harbour walks
Accessible from the main road and the Wildlife Reserve, this area has short tracks on either side of the boat harbour. The Otematata River can be reached from here too.

·       Lakeside tracks
It is a pleasant walk along the edge of the lake from the Wildlife Reserve to Loch Laird and on to the Benmore Centre and power station. Remember to take your camera, especially in April and May, because the autumn colours are superb.

·       Deep stream
Located on the Canterbury side of Lake Aviemore, this track follows up Deep Stream from it's entrance to the lake just above Aviemore Dam. Plan to spend at least four or more hours when exploring here. For information about the walk, check the board at the beginning of the track.

·       Benmore Peninsula track
Accessed from the car park above the headgate structure on the western flank of the Benmore dam, this track climbs up and around the Benmore Peninsula. Spectacular views across Lake Benmore and up towards the mountains of the main divide can be seen from the higher parts of the track. Allow about two hours for this walk and take warm clothing, as it is often windy on exposed parts of the track.

·       Otematata Station
Experience the scale and beauty of New Zealand’s high country – by walking, biking or horse riding your way across Otematata Station’s elevated tablelands and wide, open valleys.
At 400 square kilometres, Otematata Station is one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned stations. While you’re exploring some or all of the 150 km of tracks open to visitors, day-to-day farming continues around you – dogs barking in the distance, sheep quietly growing Icebreaker’s famous merino wool and cows watching with curious indifference. And, at the end of each day, settle into genuine musterers’ accommodation, set against “big” landscapes.

Located on private land - please visit their website for full details.

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